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The company was established in 1970 as one of the first garment factories specialized in jeans. Since that date, the company has occupied a leading position in the ready-made garments industry. The company has been distinguished by meeting all the needs of its customers from jeans, gabardine and milton, in addition to the shirt, T-shirt and jacket. And the company was not satisfied with meeting the needs of customers of different sizes, but also sought and excelled in its production of special sizes, and it was the pioneer. The company is keen to select the finest materials and the finest textiles and manufacture them with designs that keep pace with the latest fashions.

Fashion Democracy

The company is keen on using the latest manufacturing technologies. All industrial processes assisting in production take place inside the factory, including printing, embroidery and accessories in all its stages, and the highest quality standards are used in all materials used. 

We also seek to develop partnerships with success partners from retailers and spread the brand to be the final customer’s first choice.

Who we are


We always strive to provide high quality products that meet the tastes of our customers through high quality materials and a team that puts our customers at the top of their list of interests.


To be the first choice for customers looking for the latest high-quality models that keep pace with the latest fashion trends. This is done through the latest manufacturing technologies and a team that is keen on innovation to achieve complete customer satisfaction. We are also working to expand and reach new customers inside and outside Egypt.